This is a latin genre you must likely have heard and care little about. All my life I’ve hated it while my friends just excuse it with the “it’s about taste” line. I have to declare: It goes way beyond that… let me develop.

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Also known as reguetón, is a music genre that started around the 90’s in Puerto Rico and has been growing to be a definition of what Latin music is. It’s supposed to mean “great reggae” and the term was coined by a popular singer of this genre called Daddy Yankee.

So it started little and underground…

Justice online league of righteousness please stop witch-hunting!

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There’s no doubt about the power of Internet and social media, it’s so common already we don’t waste much time understanding it yet we might need to. You see, its existence is leading to situations which we couldn’t imagine before we had to think about and reflect. New ways of expressing, of reaching, of interacting, of joking and even working. Our culture spins around several new lingos, processes and elements that we receive but don’t study through well enough.

Cancel culture, as I started with the title of this article, is the…

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We all have our own tastes but have you stop for a moment to analyze why do you like the songs you like? This is a quick analysis

It is known that music it’s a hard stimulator for a lot of people, in fact, playing music works more the brain in a way few other activities can.

Also, people feel music differently and without offending anyone, I met a person who told me he didn’t like music at all (it’s not only my music, it was music in general). …

His attempt to vindicate Puerto Rican, Alexa Negrón Luciano, a homeless trans woman murdered on February is contradictory with himself.

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The trap singer who puts himself in the same level as Freddie Mercury is an exponent of violence and misogyny.

His songs are full of verbal violence in the effort of making him state he’s a street dude, macho alpha, owner of the trap and other unsorted titles that helps him assess his supremacy in his area.

It’s important for all people to have their own self-esteem in check, we all need a boost of confidence but maybe in his…

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There are a lot of news headlines with sad statements about the condition Venezuela faces right now and it seems that there hasn’t been ever a time when my country didn’t make such a dramatic entrance in your feed with a eye-catching horrifying title such as “Starving kids eating from the garbage”.

I wanted to take a moment to tell my story without much extra fuss about the current situation.

I was born in August, 1990 in a Peruvian immigrant family living for years in Caracas. They were fleeing from the hard living conditions they were in for a better…

I’ve been thinking for a while if I should go back to writing. There’s something about depositing my thoughts in visible words that make me feel better. I’ve been very quiet lately. I haven’t been sharing my thoughts and I’ve kept it all for myself, somehow they are getting trapped and I’m just trying to dig a whole very deep within to maintain them shut in.

I’m closed indeed. I’m not telling my partner about this nor my friends. I have worries that I’m troubled to verbalise. I’m trying to be honest in here though, where I can see it…

Carolina Leiva

Venezuelan, Graphic Designer, Language Lover, Singer and Amateur Writer. EN-ES-JP-FR

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